low tide

Overwhelmed by all the tourist merchandising, it´s getting harder around here to find spots on the coastal regions of the country, where things still have an untouched felling, where hotels are not taking the places of homes or whole towns and nature still behaves like nature and not like a roadshow. From 1986 when the total of foreign visitors amounted just 260,840 to the 2,192,059 visitors in 2011, the stress on our coasts and protected areas has increased dramatically, making resources like water a point of friction between local inhabitants and large touristic projects. And this is no small talk, in 2011 the income from tourist related activities reached almost $1,985 million, more than all our traditional exports combined.

This series is a short approach to some of those fading scenarios, a nostalgic grasp of times when traveling around here used to mean a chance to breathe, see and listen. For the sake of entertainment and fake aspirations of well being and prosperity, it seems we are ok with transforming this place into a dead collage of postcards.