The following work was sponsored by the costarican NGO “Apuntados al Cambio” (Signed for Change), as part of the coverage of their second trip to one of the displaced camps near the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, five months after the Earthquake, in 2010. The purpose was to provide medical and dental interventions to as many people as possible during a 4 day stay inside the A.I.E. camp.

To our surprise, back home, aside from the reactions of disbelieve by most, many boldly asked why we went so far to provide assistance, when there is so much left to be done in our homeland.

The question itself is symptomatic to a social trend increasingly common: indifference.
This essay and a text with analogies were edited, not as evidence of the work done by the NGO (earlier edition made for this purpose), nor to silence this line of questioning, but as an exercise to try to place the local public in a position were questions may emerge from a conscience of our belonging to a global community and the responsibilities it demands from even the smallest or poorest; the conviction in islands, is suicide.

2010 Photojournalism